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In this part of our website you'll learn more about Professional Weirdos, what we do, how we do it, why we do it and most importantly, how bringing Professional Weirdos into your educational facility can be of benefit to both your students and your wider campus.

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What we do

At its core, Professional Weirdos is a training & education company.

So in the simplest of terms, we go into companies & organisations to help boost people's confidence, reintroduce them to their own creative abilities and empower them to use it in their everyday lives effectively.

This all relates back to helping people achieve more success and ultimately happiness in life.

It can be a real challenge, but one we utterly cherish.

We've given talks and run workshops for some incredible people and organisations, many of which have gone on to change their ways of working, find new possibilities and achieve increased levels of success.

Naturally, we've had to tweak some things and make it more relevant for people who are currently in education but the principles and key learning outcomes are the same and are all still based on our own Professional Weirdos' theory and methodology.

How we do it

First of all, it starts off with a consultation or a call.

This is to help us get a better idea and understanding about your facility, which subjects are currently on offer and what outcomes students strive for.

Once we have that, we will have a better idea of how best we can be of service and how we can provide the most value.

We give people a chance to hear, see & experience motivational and inspiring stories, challenging activities and different ways of thinking.

The most important elements in everything we deliver are; confidence, creativity, exploration and application.

Typically, we offer this in three different forms; talks, workshops & consultancy.

Why we do it

As we mentioned above, we've been lucky enough to work with some great people in the past, many of which have gone on to tell us that they wish they'd experienced Professional Weirdos whilst they were still in school.

We also believe that what we have to offer is of value, not only to 'adults' in the real world, but also to people who are currently undergoing education. In fact we'll be bold and say that it may even be of more importance to those people!

The 'Genesis' and reason for the creation of Professional Weirdos sits with our founder, Simon Jacobs.

Shortly after he left his high-flying but incredibly dull corporate job, Simon was in hot pursuit of a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Prior to this stressful and rather boring role, he'd been involved in a string of successful businesses and projects, all of which utilised his creativity and status-quo-challenging mindset way more than any corporate job could ever do.

He was also a fair bit happier as well.

He wanted to get back to this way of life and remembered how people would often ask him how he achieved, thought of and created the things he did.

Once he left the corporate world and re-engaged this part of himself, he realised there was an opportunity to help others to experience, understand and achieve the same.

Simon and everyone at Professional Weirdos believes that it is possible and important for people to be successful (in whatever they desire) and enjoy their lives at the same time.

We aim to help people remember, realise and recognise this.

That is why we do what we do at Professional Weirdos and why we offer our services at a reduced rate to learning facilities.

We want to support, engage and inspire as many people as possible who are still revelling in education.

Benefits of Professional Weirdos

Ultimate happiness doesn't come from passing tests, getting job promotions or buying new and shiny things.

It comes from all of the bits in between and the life you create for yourself.

That's the failures, getting up and trying again, mastering that skill and eventually through hard work and dedication getting that 'reward'.

We want to make sure that people remember that success and happiness doesn't appear overnight.

A Professional Weirdos experience will leave your students feeling empowered, creative and more outgoing.

They'll have a new found ability to look at the world from a different point of view, start to question the status quo and challenge their preconceptions.

All things that help people become more open-minded and therefore enjoy more success (however you define it) and happiness in life.

So, if you're keen for your students to do more than just learn for the sake of learning and instead get more comfortable with failure, gain that ability to get back up again and to enjoy the journey as well, we'd love to be a part of that process.


So, you've been intrigued enough to scroll down to this part of the Academia page.

Hopefully, that means you've enjoyed what you've read so far and you now want to know some more.

Your questions are probably regarding how it all works, how much it's all going to cost and how you're going to sell it to your board (or whoever else controls your training budget).

Answers to all of your questions can be found below.

The Pick N Mix Analogy

In order for us to cater for a broad range of organisations & educational facilities and their needs, we offer our expertise in three different forms.

The Professional Weirdos Methodology is weaved into everything we do, be that our talks, workshops or consultancy.

We've used a Pick N' Mix analogy to explain what you can expect from each form;

The Short N' Sweet



We have several speakers on our roster, all of which cover a wide range of topics, experiences and knowledge.
This means we can come in for a quick spark during the day to motivate, educate & empower.

In regards to our analogy, the talks we offer are our entry level service.

Our talks provide the most 'pound for Pound' within our range of services.
This is because you can bring in a large audience and allow a lot of people to experience a snippet of the Professional Weirdos Methodology in a short, sharp burst.

Whilst we tailor our talks for our clients it's always valuable to see example titles of some of our previous talks;

*Finding your own meaning of success*

*Getting good at Testing, Learning & Failing*

*Hacking Employment & Employability*

*Using Creativity in the Real World*


£300/ Talk (30 - 60 mins)

£150 for additional talks in the same day


The next step up from a Professional Weirdos' talk is a workshop.

In regards to the Pick N' Mix analogy, our workshops have a lot more elements of the Professional Weirdos Methodology included as compared to the talks we offer, however they are for a smaller group of people.

Workshops are typically designed to be a full day experience and they will involve presentations, interactive challenges, discussions and homework as well.

The workshops take everything from the Professional Weirdos Methodology and bring it to life for the participants and turn it into something that they can learn from, enjoy and apply to real life.

There are three levels of workshop packages. The first is a one-day session, the second is a three-day package and the third is a twelve-day package.

We want to make sure that everyone in the workshops feels listened to, challenged and part of the session, therefore we set a strict ratio of the amount of participants in a session to the number of facilitators.

We set a limit of 10 participants to each facilitator, meaning that if you want more than 10 people to attend a workshop we will bring in an extra facilitator.

The Big Gulp


One Day Workshop

Our one day workshops bring together specific elements of the Professional Weirdos Methodology into a jam-packed full day session.

We will tailor the workshop to meet your desired outcomes and learning objectives.

A one day session usually consists of six sections.

The first section will involve an introduction, a discussion around the topics we'll be exploring during the day and some scene setting so that everyone involved knows what to expect and how the day will run.

There will then be five following sections with discussions, challenges, activities and presentations.

The will also of course be breaks and down time in between to make sure everyone stays fresh and engaged.

The participants on the workshop will receive a workbook (to keep) and a medal to commemorate their Professional Weirdos training.


£1499 (1 x All Day Session)/ 10 participants

The Amigos


Three Day Package

Our three day package is not dissimilar to our one day package, it is essentially and more detailed extended version.

This means that we can provide both more elements and more detail from the Professional Weirdos' Methodology, spread across the three days.

The three days can be consecutive or spread out to meet your calendar demands.

The three day package is our most popular of the workshop packages as it allows participants time to digest, understand and apply their new learnings.


£2999 (3 x All Day Sessions)/ 10 participants

The Jawbreaker


Twelve Day Package

Our final and most spectacular workshop package is our twelve day package.

Unlike our other packages, this twelve day sensation devotes each individual day to a specific element of the Professional Weirdos' Methodology.

This means that we are able to dedicate time for long discussions on the most important and interesting topics, really delve deep into the challenges that have been set and give the participants plenty of time to unpack and understand everything that they've experienced during the days.

As with the three day package, it is possible to have the twelves days consecutively, however we would advise spreading them out, to avoid people burning out.

Whilst this package is the most expensive of the packages it does represent the best value per session.


£8999 (12 x All Day Sessions)/ 10 participants

The Whole Sweet Shop



Whilst our consultancy might not be the right fit for students we'd be remiss if we didn't mention it for teachers and faculty.

We know how hard it can be at times to constantly have to develop new content, find enthusiasm for a project or even just come up with a solution to 'that problem'.

Fortunately, with our methodology we have tools, skills and knowledge to help with these issues.

Sometimes there is something very specific that needs addressing or there is a particular project that needs some fresh ideas and viewpoints, this is why we offer our consultancy.

Perhaps you're struggling to come up with a new type of lesson plan, a different way to encourage learning or even something to do with behaviour, here at Professional Weirdos we may not be education experts but we are problem solvers, out of the box thinkers and have a wide range of experience which we love to bring to the table.

If you'd like to discuss some Professional Weirdos consultancy don't hesitate to get in touch!


The Short N' Sweet: £300

The Big Gulp: £1,499

The Amigos: £2,999

The Jawbreaker: £8,999

Companies we've had the pleasure of working with already;

And we'd love you to be the next!