Who, What & Why
Professional Weirdos?!

Professional Weirdos is the brainchild of Simon.

Simon has a history of wonderful weirdness, which you can read more about over on his blog posts.

Long story short, following Simon leaving his ‘important’ and high paying job in London he met up with a friend who said the following to him;

“Simon, you’re a ‘bit weird’, but I think it’s a massive factor in your ‘success’ to date. Understand it,formulate it and bottle it. There’s a lot of value in that!”

Simon left this chat with jubilation and excitement.

The Lord, (aka Simon), had found his new passion and path.

He decided that he would set up a business & community with aims of helping other people recognise their inner weirdness, embrace it and work it.

There’s a wide expanse that this covers and it touches. From schools and entrepreneurship to large multinational companies that need help cultivating their innovative minds.

Simon came up with the name Professional Weirdos when he was trying to describe the type of people he wanted to help and create. These are the people who go to work 9-5 and feel the constant pressure to suppress their ‘true selves’ in order to fit in, when in actuality the more they let share their quirks and personality, the more success and happiness they’re bound to have (with the right strategies of course).

Oh… and he wanted a fun title for himself for this line of work and Professional Weirdo described that perfectly!

However, now that this is his full time focus he is technically a Professional Weirdo².

Whether you’re an individual, an organisation or a big business, working with Professional Weirdos offers the chance of increasing your creativity, positivity, morale and efficiency.  

Like the sound of all that?…

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re weird but we don’t bite!


P.S. Here’s a song we like (it’s about us afterall!) ⬇⬇