Get Started!

Are you a Master Procrastinator?

Do you have loads of ideas and big plans for your future but very little to show for it?

I've certainly felt like that before and still do on fairly regular occasions!

However, over the past few years, I have managed to stir myself into action and have actually achieved some rather exciting things. During this time I've jotted down my thoughts and feelings and now have a substantial list of some compelling notions, which I reckon could tip you from having your head in the clouds to becoming an action taker.

I've headed up 3 businesses, raised investment of over £250,000, worked with companies such as The BBC, John Lewis & Microsoft and of course, I've also found time to write a book. (Two in fact).

The biggest key to all of my 'success' is starting.

This book is a prime example. I have no writing qualifications, no specific skills, knowledge or experience in this field. Essentially I have no 'right' to have a book.

Similarly, you may not believe you possess the requisite skills to achieve what you most desire, but without any form of action, you won't get any closer.

The thought of starting is usually much more daunting than the reality of the situation. My advice to you, therefore, is to JUST GET STARTED.

Thank you,

Now, buy my book. 😉