The Community

The Professional Weirdo Community


What is it, should you join & how do you join?


What is it?

The concept of the Professional Weirdo Community was formed by and for several reasons, all layered on top of one another.

Let’s start at the ‘end’ with the big vision and work backwards, shall we?

The aim of Professional Weirdos is to show the world that it’s possible to look at life as we know it through different lenses and subsequently achieve incredible things otherwise not thought possible.

Professional Weirdos like to challenge the status quo, take chances and live life for the fun of it. Ultimately, put a smile on one new person’s face everyday.  

With all of that in mind we aim to set up a community for people who follow these ideals and allow them to live by these ideals with the biggest impact possible.

The grand vision for the Professional Weirdo Community is to have a ‘society’ full of people who see the world differently. They see challenges and setbacks as opportunities, they see bricks walls as windows and enemies as future friends. (The list of cliches keep going!)

All of which eventually results in a group of people who club together and bring their time, enthusiasm, skills and finances to the ‘table’ in order to show the world that better, more fun and epicness is achievable when you look at things a little bit differently to the ‘norm’.

There will be a mixture of business and profit based projects, social enterprises and some ‘just for fun’ projects.

We don’t aim to make huge ‘bucks’ from this community (of course we don’t aim to flush it all down the toilet either) but what we do aim to do is shine a light on the industries, the behaviours and the beliefs of this day and age that should and can be fundamentally different if you just invite a new perspective and with all of the Professional Weirdos’ resources pooled together this is something that is immensely possible.

What’s beautiful about this community is that as the projects will be developed, owned by and voted for by the community the projects automatically have a massive base of fans ready to get the word out and test the concept on. Essentially what we’re building is a community incubator, accelerator and VC. 

So that’s a ‘grandiose’ vision for the Professional Weirdos Community.

To summarise, it’s a group of people who are all a bit outside of the box (in all of the right ways) who want to have a positive impact on the world and figure that the best way to do that is to club together and pool resources.


Should you join?

Yes. Simple as.


How do you join?

1) Firstly, join our Facebook group, this is an important first step.

2) Now make sure to introduce yourself here as well.

3) Go onto your Linkedin and put #ProfessionalWeirdo on your profile.

Finally, just interact, get involved and show your face as much as you can.

We want this community to be truly transparent and as open as possible taking inspiration from organisations such as Flux, Kibbutzim, Quakers and many more.  

People will be able to devote their time, skills, knowledge and money as and when they can and want to. We’re not 100% sure on the mechanism just yet but it will be something along the lines of give as much as you want (all resource wise) and also take as much as you want (all resource wise).

So, if you’re doing very well one day, week, month or year and you fancy offering the community some funding or some of your valuable time and efforts we’re here with open arms and projects abundant, but in equal measure if you’re struggling one month and you need some form of resource to keep going feel free to also take from the pot.

We love the idea of opening the community to honesty and trust, sure it might sound a touch naive and wishful thinking but there are several studies on human behaviour which show that this kind of structure can and should provide an excellent return.


So that’s the Professional Weirdo Community in a nutshell.