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Simon, also known as Lord Jacobs is the founder of Professional Weirdos Ltd.

Simon has founded several businesses in his ‘short’ 28 years on this planet and has an immense amount of experience (in both success & failure) to share. He has been featured on the BBC, in various publications and is fast becoming a big name in the world of creativity.

Having spent 4 years building a business he started whilst at university he wanted to take on the confusing world of marketing consultancy. Within the first 6 months of starting this venture he gained several awards and quickly made a name for himself and his new business.

 12 months into this marketing venture he was headhunted by a well-known, large corporate company, subsequently within the space of 9 months, he gained three consecutive promotions ahead of his ‘more experienced’ colleagues. 

He went on to sell his university business, profitably and move away from the corporate world, (much to the relief of his disgruntled ‘more experienced’ colleagues).

Simon has a history of standing out, asking the questions that others are too afraid to ask and doing things differently, this has been the key to his success. He is now devoted to building Professional Weirdos which aims to help individuals, businesses and organisations Unleash Their Inner Weirdos and utilise them for success.

Through Professional Weirdos Simon aims to help people get out of their comfort zones, awaken their excitement, reintroduce them to creativity and exploration and ensure that people have fun doing it. 

Wanting to make the biggest and fastest impact possible he works with charities and organisations focused on encouraging other young people to explore their hobbies and talents and build a career from them.

Simon is obsessed with his dog Rolex, constantly experiencing new things, spreading the message of ‘weird’ and taking super random hidden tours.










Subjects covered include (but are not limited to);

Starting a business & being an entrepreneur

Gaining notoriety and success within a large company 

Creativity, where it comes from and how to use it effectively 

Being different and weird is valuable

Unleashing Your Inner Weirdo