Professional Weirdos Lunchbox

Creativity, Mental Wellbeing & Teamwork, now in bitesize chunks!

You, your employees & everyone around you is feeling a bit fed up... 😡

Arses are numb from sitting in the same spot for months on end.

2020 tried it's best to suck the fun out of life and crush our spirits, but we're determined to not let it win!

It's time to wedge ourselves out of uncomfortable chairs and inject our lives with some fun & creativity! 💡

What is Lunchbox?

The Professional Weirdos Lunchbox offers companies/ teams a chance to take a step back from work, for an hour a week, and enjoy sessions that will spark creativity, conversation, expansion of internal networks and improve the mental wellbeing of their employees.

*As well as supply some lovely little surprises!

A sneak peak of some possible sessions;

Virtual Art Museum Tours
Old Age Home Networking
Creativity Challenges & Games
Mixed Martial Arts Training
Treasure Hunts Knitting Classes Magic shows & lessons
Murder Mysteries

*We also love to build custom experiences!

How we do it

Through years of experience we've developed an understanding of how to deliver workshops, talks and now virtual sessions which engage, challenge and entertain every single participant!

Not to mention, we've built an unbeatable roster of brilliantly talented and excitable facilitators (Professional Weirdos) primed to motivate, inspire and awaken your workforce's creativity.

We've been dedicated to helping people reconnect with their creativity for years and we're absolutely buzzing that we get to do this across the world now!

The ultimate return of investment for us = Smiles.

Why we do it

Studies have show that without proper stimulation & encouragement, people's motivation, innovation and fresh thinking can fade as quickly as 3 months into a new role.

It's been even more prevalent in 2020 and beyond;

Whilst over 75% of people asked said they LOVE the concept of working from home they have raised the following issues...

56% said that they miss the social contact with their workmates and worry they'll lose the culture of the company.

40% said they're more likely to work through their lunch breaks. - (Not taking proper breaks can result in poor mental health, decision fatigue & lack of productivity.)

Almost 50% said that they think their employer doesn't care about protecting their mental health or encouraging their creativity.

We think that all of this SUCKS for both companies and employees. We want to make sure that isn't the case!

Benefits of Professional Weirdos

Ultimate happiness doesn't come from passing tests, getting job promotions or buying new and shiny things.

It comes from all of the bits in between and the life you create for yourself.

That's the failures, getting up and trying again, exploring, mastering that skill and eventually through hard work and dedication getting that 'reward'.

A Professional Weirdos experience will leave your colleagues feeling empowered, creative and more outgoing.

They'll have a new found ability to look at the world from a different point of view, start to question the status quo and challenge their preconceptions.

All things that help people become more open-minded and therefore enjoy more success (however you define it) and happiness in life.

So, if you're keen for your colleagues to do more than just work for the sake of working and instead get more comfortable with failure, putting stuff out there and to enjoy the journey as well, we'd love to be a part of that process.


So, you've been intrigued enough to scroll down to this part of the Lunchbox page.

Hopefully, that means you've enjoyed what you've read so far and you now want to know some more.

Your questions are probably regarding how it all works, how much it's all going to cost and how you're going to sell it to your board (or whoever else controls your budget).

Answers to all of your questions can be found below.

How it all works;

We have a wide array of session options, facilitators & packages, therefore the best next step is to just have a chat with us!

We'll discuss your team needs, whether that's helping with Zoom meeting boredom, team morale, creativity or something entirely different.

Then together we'll come up with a plan, a set of sessions and a list of exciting dates to tell your colleagues about.

1 Lunchbox session = £1,499

6x Lunchbox Sessions = £7,999

12x Lunchbox Sessions = £11,999

*We can also tailor packages and sessions for your specific requirements

How to sell it to your board;

Feel free to send them this website. Tell them that it's scientifically proven that people need to take a break for their mental wellbeing, their creativity and their productivity.

And if neither of those things work, show them a picture of a cute puppy and slip the invoice onto their desk without them realising. 😉

Joking aside, there's very clear benefits to Professional Weirdos Lunchbox and we'd be happy to help you sell it into the business.

So far we've had the pleasure of working with some incredible businesses and organisations;

And we'd love you to be the next!