So, you've been intrigued enough to find yourself on the Professional Weirdos Biz & Organisations page.

You've heard all about this 'Unleash Your Inner Weirdo' stuff and now you want to know some more.

Your questions are probably regarding how it all works, how it can benefit your biz or organisation, how much it's all going to cost and how you're going to sell it to your board (or whoever else controls your training budget).

All the answers to those questions can be found with a very short scroll down!

How it works

In order for us to cater for a broad range of businesses & organisations and their needs, we offer our expertise in three different forms.

The Professional Weirdos Methodology is weaved into everything we do, be that our talks, workshops or consultancy.

A Pick N' Mix Analogy best explains what you can expect from each form;

Below are outlines of the various packages available, the costs and the ROI's, should you need any more persuasion.


We have several speakers on our roster, all of which cover a wide range of topics, experience and knowledge.
This means we can come in for a quick spark during the day to motivate, educate & empower.

Some of examples of talks are;

*Finding your own meaning of success*

*Getting good at Testing & Learning*

*Hacking Employment & Employability*

*Using Creativity in Business*

*Comedy and Profit*


Our workshop packages start from one day sessions all the way up to 12 day sessions (and can be tailored as well).
These sessions are intense, fun and practical, everything needed to leave a lasting effect.

A few workshop titles to get your taste buds going;

*The Wonderful World of Weird*

*Reconnecting with your Inner Child*

*Show & Tell*

*Curiosity & Exploration*

*Challenging the Status Quo*

*Confidence & Experience*


Specified and specialised knowledge is always valuable, however, at times an outside eye and fresh viewpoint can be extremely helpful. Therefore, Professional Weirdos offer consultancy services to help generate new ideas, insights and enthusiasm on any project.

*We regularly find ourselves involved in marketing projects*

*New product and innovation sessions*

*Sales & Targets*

*Moral & Positivity boosting*

*New hires & On boarding*

And we'd love you to be the next!